Helping Those Who Need It Most

I spoke with Louie on a day that I was suffering from a headache, brought on by seasonal allergies. As the day progressed the pain had worsened. I did not have an appointment that day, but he encouraged me to come in on my way home from work. I did not have great expectations that I was going to have much of a decrease in pain as I have had these headaches many times and sleep/darkness/and medication is my trifecta of relief. After about 20 minutes of a combination of manual techniques I was so pleasantly surprised to see my 80/100 headache reduce to a mere 10/100. It remained at the reduced level despsite a ride home with a lot of headlights flashing all the way home. The next morning I woke up without any pain, without the need for medication. It was a wonderful feeling. 


Louie has been my Exercise Therapist for nearly 3 years. Over this time, my upper body strength, core strength, and over all energy levels has significantly improved. I've been "under weight" most of my life and with noticeably increased muscle mass, i look and feel healthier than ever in a very long time. Recently, Louie introduced me to a sytematic hands-on technique called AAT where for 30 minutes he used specific sequential hand movements on my face, arms and legs. The results continue to be significant with deeper sleep, feeling less stressed, more relaxed, and a greater sense of well-being. Louie is amazing, his keen, welll-developed sensitivity to individual needs and his ability to create a sense of safety so i could trully relax and trust is second to none. The AAT technique is the best technique i have ever had performed on me and will highly recommed it .

Jo Ann

Louie has been my personal trainer for 2 ½ years. During this time I have receives guidance in strength and aerobic training. He has guided me through nutritional and lifestyle modifications. This has been a guiding light when all the media information about diet and exercise became a tangled mass of conflicting mumbo jumbo. To complete this package he is always thirsty for new concepts to better serve his clients. Louie’s knowledge is powerful and strengthens the approach that he takes with his clients.  He is dedicated to the total health of his clients. He truly listens to what you say about your health and recognizes what your body needs. This has led him to explore methods that will help his clients move to a more pain free life. TMR and AAT are a regular part of Louie’s supportive techniques!

I’m one of those people who can have trouble sleeping and waking up with more aches and pain than when I went to bed. Recently I arrived for my regular training with pain from my neck to the bottom of my feet {literally}. Louie used his techniques on me and I went from 70% pain to 10% in just 30 minutes. Then we moved on to the training that was needed for me on that day. He never uses the one approach fits all.

The beauty of TMR is that it teaches me how to get myself out of pain. Louie is a master at teaching his clients to manage their lives with independance. Isn’t that what a good teacher does…

“Teaches his students to become self reliant and confident.”  

Jane Hemingway

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